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Heathcliff and ‘Stay Posi’ (22/01/21)


Heathcliff – Munich, Germany Heathcliff and Stay Posi, after a slight delay due to the year of “ugh what now” will soon release via SBÄM as the European staple continues in its quest to propagate the soundwaves with a steady supply of fast-Punk. Punk & Disorderly Records of Canada and Milestone Sounds…

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May Have Missed Volume 2


The Expanse Of The Internet “May Have Missed Volume 2” is an attempt to counter the volume of requests I receive in the various Ear Nutrition inboxes as I type away. The venture of EN, when it boils down to the barebones of itself, is a spare-time hobby. I try…

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Lucky Malice and ‘Magnetic’


Lucky Malice – Halden, Norway Lucky Malice and Magnetic enter a year where the only positive consistency has been the ironic relentlessness of underground music releases. Melodic Punk and particularly that from continental Europe, have been at the forefront of this remarkably expedient and exponential availability. This is where we find…

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