About Ear Nutrition

Ear Nutrition was founded by Musically Fresh Co-Owner and primary content writer Matthew Speer in Bath, England, United Kingdom with the objective of uncovering the best underground and Alternative guitar-driven music from the UK and beyond.

EN is owned and operated by Matthew Speer and welcomes community-based submissions by those interested in having their work published via the precious spare moments we have in the busy lives we lead. EN also build Spotify playlists around certain themes and genres, which be found on the ‘Spotify Playlists’ tab under the very same moniker.

The name was the product of a weary and travelled-out mind’s down-time in a South Korean airport and instantly embedded itself in the brain of said traveller until its fruition months later.

Music often provides both catharsis and escape from it all so by all means, dig in.

Ear Nutrition - // Spare Time Audio Dietician //