Bad Religion

United Defiance and ‘Change The Frequency’


United Defiance – East Bay, California, USA Ah yes, United Defiance and Change The Frequency. A band from the East Bay Area of California that in more ways than one, epitomise the existence of a DIY Punk band. United Defiance, a band that through multiple formats, personnel changes, loss, uncertainty…

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CHASER and ‘Dreamers’ (09/04/21)


CHASER – Southern California, USA CHASER and Dreamers are VERY soon to enter the melodic-Skate-Punk-a-verse in their second mainline instalment after returning to said rapidly self-perpetuating pace-a-thon in 2018. The band’s Sound The Sirens was a confident, shameless and determined battle cry for positivity, community and celebration of the melodic fast-Punk…

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