Good Riddance

Launch Control and The ‘Attention Economy’ (02/10/20)


Launch Control – Reading, England, United Kingdom It’s been three long years of political strife since their last commentary and now Launch Control return with the Attention Economy. The Reading band’s evocative, poignant and societally resultant emotional-drudgery-drenched socio-political musings are now in their fourth phase. Although today concerns phase four, I…

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Shellycoat and ‘Hide The Knives’


Shellycoat – Hamburg, Germany The legacy of ’90s Punk is a lucrative well of sonics that outdoes itself. Shellycoat and Hide The Knives enter via the influence of the seminal period but in a manner open and free in its exploratory desires. The Hamburg band have been slogging it out since…

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Freedumb – ‘Post Modern Dark Age’


Freedumb – Østfold, Norway ’90s melodic Punk-Rock and Skate Punk are the itch that simply won’t go away. Freedumb – Post-Modern Dark Age are a part of that itch. It’s an itch that despite repeated scratching only seems to bolden in its determination to always be there and let’s be honest now,…

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