May Have Missed Volume 6


The Expanse Of The Internet “May Have Missed Volume 6” is an attempt to counter the volume of requests I receive in the various Ear Nutrition inboxes as I type away. The venture of EN, when it boils down to the barebones of itself, is a spare-time hobby. I try…

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Premiere: GILT and ‘No Surprise’ (Fugazi) Via Ripcord Records


GILT – Jacksonville, Florida, USA Ripcord Records – Scotland, United Kingdom Here we are again, but this time for the premiere of GILT and ‘No Surprise’ (Fugazi) via Ripcord Records. As you may or may not know, Ripcord Records of sunny Scotland are putting together a forty-three track compilation in ode to…

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Premiere: This Is Hell and ‘Sieve-Fisted Find’ (Fugazi) Via Ripcord Records


This Is Hell – Long Island, New York, USA Ripcord Records – Scotland, United Kingdom Today, I am pleased to be a part of the premiere of This Is Hell and ‘Sieve-Fisted Find’ (Fugazi) via Ripcord Records. Ripcord Records are yet another tenacious record label and distro based in Scotland…

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Cuffs and Their ‘Factory Sessions’


Cuffs – Bristol, England, United Kingdom It’s a strange time for live music. Cuffs and their Factory Sessions exist within such oddity. “Sit-down” gigs and shows are approaching “commonplace” status in some areas across the country and social media is lovingly awash with gig posters once more. Although the live show experience…

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