Stay // Asleep and ‘Pay To Play’ (03/03/21)


Stay // Asleep – London, England, United Kingdom London’s Punk scene seems to be perpetually churning out new bands and Stay//Asleep and ‘Pay To Play’ are one of the very latest post-churn bounties thrust into the Punk spectrum. 2020 saw the band debut their UK Conservative party targetted ‘Speak, Lie,…

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Attendant and Their ‘Unreality’ (08/01/21)


Attendant – London/Surrey, England, United Kingdom The legacy of Punk and within that, the legacy of Post-Hardcore and ’90s Alt. Rock is sizable. Enter Attendant and their Unreality. 2020 despite all, has seen an exponential tirade of underground noise and releases defying the very “fuckkkkkk” year we’ve just had. Attendant,…

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