MPF 2024: A Tasting Menu


Manchester Punk Festival Today, I’m serving up my MPF 2024 ‘Tasting Menu’ in preparation for the perennial bloom that is Manchester Punk Festival, an event happening in a certain part of the world, within a certain island nation, at a certain time of year, entirely localised within the city of…

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A Year in Ear: A 2023 List


Ears Against Doomscrollia – 2023 So then, ‘A Year in Ear: A 2023 List’. Hello, it’s been a while hasn’t it? Today with a dual focus on both expedition and also the intention not to facilitate you pissing away too much of your precious time, I’m casting some words into…

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Forever Stormfest – 18/06/23


Forever Stormfest – The Butler, Reading, England, United Kingdom Mid-June. The DIY Punk music scene. What is set to occur? Well, Forever Stormfest on 18/06/23 my dear live music co-dependent! That sentence indeed explains itself but similarly, it requires a little literary shove to both quantify and tell you precisely…

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Introducing: Ritual Error


Ritual Error – London, England, United Kingdom Another short-ish one today throwing light on a band whose clout far dwarfs this word count, introducing Ritual Error is the name of the game. London-based but tributing a far-flung sound (and movement) that changed everything, as much as they are refreshing it,…

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