VIDEO PREMIERE: Kill The President! and ‘Unspoken’


Kill The President! – Valencia, Valencia, Spain Time has passed but the noise-guzzling ear returns for the video premiere of Kill The President! and ‘Unspoken’, ahead of the impending and beyond plausibly rageous turbulence that is set to later manifest as the next release from Valencia’s Kill The President! After an absence…

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MPF 2024: A Tasting Menu


Manchester Punk Festival Today, I’m serving up my MPF 2024 ‘Tasting Menu’ in preparation for the perennial bloom that is Manchester Punk Festival, an event happening in a certain part of the world, within a certain island nation, at a certain time of year, entirely localised within the city of…

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A Year in Ear: A 2023 List


Ears Against Doomscrollia – 2023 So then, ‘A Year in Ear: A 2023 List’. Hello, it’s been a while hasn’t it? Today with a dual focus on both expedition and also the intention not to facilitate you pissing away too much of your precious time, I’m casting some words into…

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Forever Stormfest – 18/06/23


Forever Stormfest – The Butler, Reading, England, United Kingdom Mid-June. The DIY Punk music scene. What is set to occur? Well, Forever Stormfest on 18/06/23 my dear live music co-dependent! That sentence indeed explains itself but similarly, it requires a little literary shove to both quantify and tell you precisely…

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