United Defiance and ‘Change The Frequency’


United Defiance – East Bay, California, USA Ah yes, United Defiance and Change The Frequency. A band from the East Bay Area of California that in more ways than one, epitomise the existence of a DIY Punk band. United Defiance, a band that through multiple formats, personnel changes, loss, uncertainty…

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snake eyes and ‘the lovehate mixtape (side a)’ and more!


snake eyes – Brighton, England, United Kingdom snake eyes and the lovehate mixtape (side a) almost, very nearly, persuaded me to type this whole review in lower case. However, because I’m obviously a huge and obsequious stickler for the rules of grammar, I won’t. I joke. I may know some…

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May Have Missed Volume 7


The Expanse Of The Internet “May Have Missed Volume 7” is an attempt to counter the volume of requests I receive in the various Ear Nutrition inboxes as I type away. The venture of EN, when it boils down to the barebones of itself, is a spare-time hobby. I try…

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