VIDEO PREMIERE: The Mustard and ‘All You Need To Know’

The Mustard – Manchester, England, United Kingdom

VIDEO PREMIERE: The Mustard and 'All You Need To Know'

Today’s video premiere from The Mustard is, as it happens, ‘All You Need To Know’. A bold statement but one as literally in tune as it is within the modus operandi of the Manchester-ish four-piece. Comprised in part of members of the recently back at-it Egos At The Door and the ever-Fairing-well Do’s, the four-piece are expanding from their localised tabular surface, moving from their cosy cady of taste-altering adjuncts and onward to marinade confidently, plated beside the steadfast but ever re-orientating table of contemporary melodic Punk-Rock. Something, something, sauce jokes. Something, something, new Punk band. Something, something, The Mustard.

But what of ‘All You Need To Know’? Is it “up to” *insert band name here*? Well, after an intro that will confuse many a budding fast Punk obsessive, the band’s collective history compliments the nuance of their chosen spice blend and seeds itself firm and flagrantly across a tightly wound, quick-fire body laced with angular yet amorphous strings. Grounded, powered and juxtaposed with melodious drive, tuneful vocals chart a course through cranial turmoil. The band discuss what we ourselves can do to alleviate such a beleaguered weight and lean on a community that is often more ready to assist than is initially apparent.

However, ‘All You Need To Know’ is far from melancholy, despite its pertinence. Its fast, upbeat methodology is making a defiant yet determined point. It may take time to unscrew the lid, flip the cap and mustard up the courage to speak openly, but it will be nothing more than cathartic and wholegrain when you do.

‘Reaching out can be the first stroke towards the shore’

But anyway, that’s enough from me. The Mustard is for everyone.

Well, that was the video premiere of The Mustard and ‘All You Need To Know’. From now until June, the four-piece is set to release a single per month, culminating in the eventual larder, the incoming Condimental Breakdown EP. Not only that, but they have some gigs fast approaching, the dates of which you peruse below.

  • Upcoming gigs:
    • March 16th – Manchester – Fuel
    • March 17th – Rotherham – The Bridge Inn
    • March 18th – Nottingham – Stuck On A Name Studios
    • April 7th – MPF – Rebellion Afterparty
    • June 10th – Manchester – Star And Garter (supporting No Trigger)

I would expect this list to grow, as the four-piece have more plans to tour over the summer and beyond but for now, you can find all things The Mustard below.

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