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Ear Nutrition, hence its tagline of ‘Spare Time Audio Dieticians’ is a venture that I, Matt of house Ear run in my fluctuating spare time outside of work and the general pondering of existentialism beset with an omnipresent malaise.

Now that my need to sardonically make light of any given situation is dispensed with, the real reason for these words can be presented. Although EN is operated when I have the time, it is run primarily on my lonesome with sporadic help from the world of other sentient ears. This includes writing, editing, maintaining the site, grappling with WordPress and managing all social media account associated. Outside of the day to day operations EN also has a number Spotify playlists and two often full message and email boxes of requests that need to be read, screened and managed. In short, as much as I thoroughly enjoy what I do, it is indeed a considerable amount to digest.

Although I have never charged for EN as a “paid service” and never will, in order to meet the costs of the site on yearly basis, I have recently decided to set up optional donations. These donations, that can be made by readers and those who have been featured alike, are designed to allow anyone who would like to, to assist in the upkeep of the site and any upgrades therein. In the short time that they have been live, I have already been able to meet the cost of the site for 2020, upgrade much of the back-end of the site and improve the site as a whole. These funds will also likely go towards the next run of Spotify playlist artwork.

I can’t thank the people who have donated to my little venture enough and I also can’t stress anywhere near enough how talking about, reading, or sharing my work supports what I do. However, if you do feel like supporting the costs of the site and its maintenance and upgrades then you can find EN on Ko-fi below and buy me a “digital coffee” to keep my typing-instruments and words digitally caffeinated.

Much love! – Matt

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