CHASER and ‘Dreamers’ (09/04/21)


CHASER – Southern California, USA CHASER and Dreamers are VERY soon to enter the melodic-Skate-Punk-a-verse in their second mainline instalment after returning to said rapidly self-perpetuating pace-a-thon in 2018. The band’s Sound The Sirens was a confident, shameless and determined battle cry for positivity, community and celebration of the melodic fast-Punk…

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Fire Man and ‘Overcoming The Cycle Of Sun Collapse’


Fire Man – New York City, New York, USA Born from the world of Died’s warped experimental Punk and Post-Hardcore, Fire Man and Overcoming The Cycle Of Sun Collapse crashed into 2020.1 via the very same sentient artful chaos inherent to its genealogical line. Fire Man is the brainchild of Died…

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