VIDEO PREMIERE: Kill The President! and ‘Unspoken’

Kill The President! – Valencia, Valencia, Spain

KIll The President!

Time has passed but the noise-guzzling ear returns for the video premiere of Kill The President! and ‘Unspoken’, ahead of the impending and beyond plausibly rageous turbulence that is set to later manifest as the next release from Valencia’s Kill The President!

After an absence following a 2015 debut that set about hewing a considerable hole in the fabric of “fast-punkia”, the band returned revitalised in 2022 with Aftermath, a release that with an unbridled and renewed confidence, widened the previous hew with an assertive statement of intent. This was a band that had been watching and waiting and now reaped the nutrient-rich fruits of their meticulous labour.

Both the 2015 Citizens and the aforementioned Aftermath are key releases in the ubiquitous crop of technical Skate Punk and Melodic Hardcore but with the latter’s push toward a more metalicised Punk-Rock cast with expansive Post-Hardcore, it was only a matter of time before whatever else was previously unspoken would emerge.

Speaking of which!

If corporeal, ‘Unspoken’ would be a sleek yet punctuating bolt. The new single honours KTP’s past as fervently as it springs from a ballista wound so tight with precision that it rips and tears through the air with unobstructed impunity. From the keen edge of its adorning flights so keenly cast from the intrinsically lacerating Skate Punk the band is notorious for, to the enriching Post-Hardcore dynamism now so integral, the four-piece are the definition of unrelenting on their latest.

This is especially so with the outright Hardcore that ‘Unspoken’ so innately segues into, which when flanked with the rest, culminates into a single that allows Kill The President! to embrace this new era through a production clarity accentuating the hegemony it is destined to carve.

‘Imagine a conversation with a hypothetical being responsible for all the chaos reigning in today’s world. That is what ‘Unspoken’ is about’ – KTP!

With ‘Unspoken’ heading such an indomitable foray into 2024, I have it on good authority that there is more to follow, including appearances at both the prestigious Manchester Punk Festival very soon and the idyllic Punk Rock Holiday in August. I’ll see you there.

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