Discover A Fire and ‘A Calculated Risk’ (12/02/21)


Discover A Fire – Norfolk, England, United Kingdom Discover A Fire and ‘A Calculated Risk‘ are a series of words that contextually speaking, work rather well. However, the Norfolk band have not named their latest in any real prospective worry or with any trepidations about their new union with Disconnect Disconnect Records, so…

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Motion Sickness and ‘Isolate’


Motion Sickness – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada The musical medium of Punk-Rock is and always has been one unto which disdain is cathartically expressed. Motion Sickness and Isolate, through their very existence, enter 2020 riding high upon such via Hamiton, Ontario. Motion Sickness move through thirteen songs in sixteen minutes via…

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The Core Perspective: Matt Fox Of Shai Hulud


Shai Hulud x Manchester Punk Festival “The Core Perspective: Matt Fox Of Shai Hulud” – why is this relevant? Well, firstly, the Hardcore collective family known as Shai Hulud are a seminal and influential presence with the realm of Hardcore Punk-Rock music. Secondly, the band had planned to re-enter the…

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