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Melodic Disaster – ‘Melodic Disaster’


Melodic Disaster – Sunderland, England, United Kingdom Melodic Disaster – Melodic Disaster. Four words that elude to exactly what you would expect them to from the very moment you saw them and connected the dots. ’90s Punk, it’s a ’90s Punk release.   A three-piece from Sunderland, the band released their debut…

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Lesser Know Character – ‘No Equal Exchange’ (01/05/19) (Review + EP Stream).


Lesser Known Character – Bristol, England, United Kingdom. A lot can be said about the Bristol Punk scene. From Skate Punk to Indie-Punk and everything in between, the scene is self-sufficient and arguably really very ubiquitous. A lot can be said about Lesser Known Character, whether it being that we’ve…

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Padme – ‘IBAN TR75 0006 2000 7170 0006 6006 13’


Padme – Istanbul, Turkey This review was written by Community Contributor, Adam Brown. ‘WE REALLY LIKE LAGWAGON’ – proclaims their official Facebook page. And with that please welcome to the stage Padme: a fast-paced melodic Punk band from Istanbul, Turkey. Padme are Arda Turan (Bass); Topri (Guitars/Vocals); and Orhi (Drums).…

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Fullcount – ‘Part Of The Game’


Fullcount – Québec City, Québec, Canada Editor’s Note – Ever since I moved EN off the seemingly inextinguishable back-burner, the response and support has been nothing short of incredible, which why we find ourselves here today, for the FIRST “Community Contributor” in the form of one Oscar Manners.  Oscar has…

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