VIDEO PREMIERE: The Latchkey Kids and ‘Sleeping Sharks Die’

The Latchkey Kids – Manchester, England, United Kingdom

VIDEO PREMIERE: The Latchkey Kids and 'Sleeping Sharks Die'

Today concerns the video premiere of The Latchkey Kids and ‘Sleeping Sharks Die’. But who are the three-piece? Well, in sound, I suppose you could reel off auditory-tasting notes similar to the following. Characterised by crooning vocals equated in emotion by guitar work doing the same in one spherical and harmonious cycle, The Latchkey Kids present a maturity-imbued Pop-Punk-centric and Indie-forward Emo-Rock, a blend contesting the same existential feeling that permeates much of the greater UK Punk scene. The band’s melodic MO is one of intelligent, honest, impossible-to-miss vents aimed directly at the concept of emotional reticence. Talk about your feelings (adult) kiddos, it’s healthy, as hard as it can be. Oh and they are from Manchester, that’s worth knowing.

Introductory waffle aside, today, (but again), we are here for the band’s video premiere of  ‘Sleeping Sharks Die’. A track leaning heavily on an Indie-fied approach atop a grizzled Pop-Punk underbelly, ‘Sleeping Sharks Die’ confidently considers its path through treacherous waters. It’s not interested in blind confidence but rather reality, focussing on those daily practices of  “whatever it takes” to navigate whatever the next course around the existential horn yields. The band rhythms ebb heavily, timed to a beat pacing to and from the rudder of this advisory vessel, following said Indie-led guitars as they match trademark vocals seeking this sense of calm.

That’s enough from me, watch the new video from The Latchkey Kids below.

Well, that was the video premiere of The Latchkey Kids and ‘Sleeping Sharks Die’. The full-whack release is now repeatedly streamable from today but that’s not all The Latchkey Kids have for you! ‘Sleeping Sharks Die’ is hammered further home alongside a NEW merch drop and a competition to win a merch bundle AND gig tickets, all of which can be speared via the band’s socials below.

Finally, if you’re unaware or simply need a reminder to absorb the band’s hook-laden ear-worm of debut yet again, ‘Sleeping Sharks Die is the third single from 6/8 Sessions and comes with an accompanying remix of the track as b-side. One Phil Dalton handled the video on this one and the band would like to offer their heartfelt thanks to him.

You can find all you need from the band’s cathartic craft to, merch, socials and upcoming gigs below.



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