Tripsun and ‘Chemstrains’

Tripsun – London, England, United Kingdom

Tripsun and 'Chemstrains'

Tripsun and ‘Chemstrains’ have been a long time coming. With the band morphing into their new moniker after years of it being the “go-to” nickname of the London four-piece, playing raucous shows across the UK cut with a few live renditions of newer work, the band have now unveiled ‘Chemstrains’. For those who don’t know, Tripsun’s back catalogue in a raw, honest and multifaceted stylistic fashion, cascades through timely blasts of classic Pop and Skate Punk, riff-heavy Indie-Punk and subtly harder influences as it cuts an existential swathe through what it is to live through the every day as well as that of more personal climes innate to the band.

But enough waffle, Tripsun and ‘Chemstrains’ it is then.

Tripsun’s work is dotted with bursts tempo and yet ‘Chemstrains’ might boast the very best of them. The band’s work is perhaps best known, especially if you’ve seen them live, for their crowd-corralling sing-a-longs and ‘Chemstrains’ is pleasingly laden with them. However, opening with this harder drive, Tripsun’s urgency to get back to it, to improve and to live true to themselves as a band is as measured, critical and defiant as ever. Their latest masterfully shifts from thunderous tempo to heavy-set rhythms and instrumentally reserved refrains, all perfected to stage Hassan’s and Zandro’s now household vocal interplay. This is yet another area where the single substantiates its status as the forerunner for the return of this band, as the vocal variety also might well be the best version of itself.

The band are playing harder, faster and more urgent and their continued per-release refinement has reached a new altitude. All of this is aided by Daly George’s production which is to the standard you would expect it to be. Tripsun may well tick all the Pop and Indie-Punk boxes with their sharp leads, bouncing chorus’ and singalongs but they are also still a Punk-Rock band in the more recognisably stylistic sense, with said production capturing it all.

‘Chemstrains’ is, again, though joining a raw and gruff Punk-Rock back catalogue, showcasing an excellent polarisation of the band’s work whilst simultaneously seeing Tripsun coalesce their need for memorable melodious hooks and thoughtful rounding of a raw and powerful underbelly. The band have always been deceptively heavy in their Lifetime (that’s for those who get it) and such is chasing its zenith here if the above didn’t elude to that well enough already.

But what do I know, eh? Tripsun and ‘Chemstrains’, that’ll do. Next year there will likely be an album. You can keep up with the band below.


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