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Blowfuse – ‘Daily Ritual’


Blowfuse – Barcelona, Spain. With Skate Punk so out in force in the contemporary Punk scene and showing itself in many forms within its own status as a microcosm within Punk-Rock, the sheer quantity of excellent and quality music being purveyed and championed right now is almost unfathomable. This is…

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Padme – ‘IBAN TR75 0006 2000 7170 0006 6006 13’


Padme – Istanbul, Turkey This review was written by Community Contributor, Adam Brown. ‘WE REALLY LIKE LAGWAGON’ – proclaims their official Facebook page. And with that please welcome to the stage Padme: a fast-paced melodic Punk band from Istanbul, Turkey. Padme are Arda Turan (Bass); Topri (Guitars/Vocals); and Orhi (Drums).…

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‘Never Better’ and Other Stories: Phil From the Burnt Tapes


Burnt Tapes – London, England, United Kingdom It’s safe to say that London four-piece the Burnt Tapes have made quite the impression these past few years with their self-branded “regret punk” – that being, if you’re unaware that is, their own take on contemporary melodic and emotive Punk-Rock. The band’s…

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Dietary Service Announcement: Have You Checked Out Our Playlists Yet?


No? Well, you can if you motion that inquisitive thumb and or cursor over – Here – for the descriptions and then links OR if you really can’t wait, then mosey on over to – Here – for our Spotify profile! Plus as an added bonus, you can see all…

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