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Dietary Service Announcement: Have You Checked Out Our Playlists Yet?


No? Well, you can if you motion that inquisitive thumb and or cursor over – Here – for the descriptions and then links OR if you really can’t wait, then mosey on over to – Here – for our Spotify profile! Plus as an added bonus, you can see all…

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Gamblers and The Debut ‘Straight No Chaser’ EP.


Gamblers – Northwich, England, United Kingdom. Here – for our previous work on the band. Since I found an email concerning this Northwich five-piece in my inbox, the “please hurry up” thoughts and often audible words in regard to a debut release I found myself thinking and uttering respectively began to annoy me.…

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Hyperfox – ‘Panther’ and Hints Of What’s To Come


Hyperfox – Norwich, England, United Kingdom Editor’s note – Long story short, I’ve known Adam Brown since we were both sixteen. We were watching No Fun At All together and began to talk about EN. He has now written this. Enjoy! Matt. Welcome to Norwich; a quaint cathedral city located…

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Hardkore Dokument #1 7″ EP: A UK Hardcore Punk Education – (01/02/19)


Hardkore Dokument #1 – Hearing Damage, Worth It, United Kingdom Ubiquitous, omnipresent and fucking impossible to extinguish and nullify. Those are the words I and I should many would use to describe the determined dirge that is United Kingdom Hardcore Punk-Rock. Since the genre’s inception our (not so) great nation…

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