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Triple Sundae – The ‘Glow’ EP (07/06/19).


Triple Sundae – London, England, United Kingdom. I believe it is more than reasonable to say that London four-piece Triple Sundae went from being a known regularly present name, to one exponentially larger and instantaneous in their attention grabbing ability within the UK underground Punk scene. This became the case after the…

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Malvina – ‘Hybrid War’


Malvina – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil ‘Hybrid warfare is a military strategy that employs political warfare and blends conventional warfare, irregular warfare and cyberwarfare with other influencing methods, such as fake news, diplomacy, law-fare and foreign electoral intervention’ Malvina. A band from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. A band that are…

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Black Anchors – ‘Darkest Place’ (Single) (05/05/19) + Competition.


Black Anchors – North Devon, England, United Kingdom. Cover Photo credit: James Archibald. Black Anchors, what can I say? They are a band that have had an excellent start in their career. Their debut eponymous EP containing four tracks of classic but mature Pop-Punk music itself more than aware of Punk-Rock and…

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BRUCE – ‘Captain, We’ve Lost Bruce’.


BRUCE – Bilzen/Aarschot, Belgium. Punk music can be said to raucous all over the show but with its myriad of diversifications much of said raucousness and writhing impatience has become far more localised to specific parts of the contemporary genres wide array of styles. This is where BRUCE come in,…

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