Album Premiere: Hoi-Poi and ‘Sain’t Adorable’

Hoi-Poi – Thessaloniki, Greece

Album Premiere: Hoi-Poi - 'Sain't Adorable'.

Today, I have your attention for the album premiere of Hoi-Poi and Sain’t Adorable. As of now, the Greek four-piece are releasing their second full-length and fifth total release. The band, known as Hoi-Poi, but also as Hoi-Poi Farplane Wind, hail from Thessaloniki and operate between their home Greece and the northern lands of Copenhagen, Denmark.

We’ve featured the band’s genre-crossing, Punk, Post-Hardcore and Alt. Rock before. If you trundle along to – Here – you will find a comprehensive breakdown of their previous EP, Dread and Vision. Nasty Cut Records, from today, are proudly releasing this fifth effort, but where have the band taken their infectious rumble?

Hoi-Poi Farplane Wind

Onward to organic refinement would be your answer. ‘Mal Ad Just’ is infectiously melodic ala contemporary Punk yet gloom-ridden and onset with moody, cathartic and charged Post-Hardcore dynamics. The band’s use of layered vocals and interplay between is indicative of the lasting influence of Caution-era Hot Water Music. Vocalist, Kostas may well need to change his surname to “Wollard”. Hoi-Poi have you by the ear-canal via ‘Mal Ad Just’ yet relax their intense grip in tracks such as ‘Busybody/Lazybones’, taking their layered approach towards thick yet comparatively at-ease Alternative Rock.

The band maintain a far more intrinsic vocal output on this latest release and it matches the complexities of their Post-Hardcore-Punk. ‘Chief End’ is another where jagged and writhing instrumentation fights the dichotomy of Hoi-Poi’s hard-to-melodic personalities. This organic intensity is a ubiquitous force release-wide and Hoi-Poi’s emotive vocal output symbiotically enriches the band’s intense chop-and-change approach. ‘Life With’ infuses playfully intricate Math-Rock between earnest emotional releases. To be blunt, the four-piece feel the need to show off and negate any prospective criticism on doing so through their skill alone.

‘Lude’ is where the band relent in favour of a foreboding sampling interlude. Moving on, ‘Whelming’ was another forerunning single and it’s easy to see why. Hoi-Poi are appealing to anthemic Skate Punk listeners yet barely tread anywhere near such a genre locale. ‘Whelming’ is cuttingly short and is barely over before the fellow-forerunning ‘Rycorice’. The latter near contradicts my previous statement as the band ply their emotive “post-Post-Hardcore” with crucial lashings of Melodic Hardcore and Skate Punk applicability. It is but a slight infusion but arguably crucial to the tracks stopping-power. This is similarly the case with the following ‘Rest Embarrassed’ and its complexity-ridden riff-heavy approach.

True to their progressive take on the greater-Punk-Rock stylistic, the band close with another marginal deviation. ‘For Now, Equanimity. So Long’ relaxes in favour of a drawn-out and melodic journey via Post-Hardcore-minded Alternative Rock. I could say more, but its high time this progressive-Punk record enveloped you as it has me.

There we have it! The album premiere of Hoi-Poi and Sain’t Adorable. You can stream it in full below and find it in all the usual places digitally and via Nasty Cut Records on Cassette, CD and Vinyl.




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