Album Premiere: Hoi-Poi – ‘Sain’t Adorable’


Hoi-Poi – Thessaloniki, Greece Today, I have your attention for the album premiere of Hoi-Poi – ‘Sain’t Adorable’. As of now, the Greek four-piece are releasing their second full-length and fifth total release. The band, known as Hoi-Poi, but also as Hoi-Poi Farplane Wind, hail from Thessaloniki and operate between…

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The Overjoyed: The Band and The ‘Defanged’ Video Premiere.


The Overjoyed – Athens, Greece. The European Punk music scene is really something to behold, from Spain to Germany, Finland to France and onward to Greece. The wide-array of bands and styles this genre has birthed is constantly growing big and strong. A juvenile term but one no less true…

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Hoi-Poi – The ‘Dread and Vision’ EP


Hoi-Poi -Thessaloniki, Greece The development of Post-Hardcore was an event in the Punk-Rock history book that would affect the genre’s time-line in ways that would only catapult it off to the varied and exceptional set of sounds it now calls it’s own.  The initial ground-work laid down by Fugazi, Rites…

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