Lawrence Arms

Burnt Tapes and ‘Grower’


Burnt Tapes – London, England, United Kingdom 2020 has been a peculiar one, perhaps, some would be inclined to remark, even somewhat of a weird one. A year that Burnt Tapes and Grower enter via some variant of normality regarding the underground music scene. However, the London-based, Lockjaw Records mainstays have…

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ESC Life – ‘Born To Be Mild’


ESC Life – Zagreb, Croatia The words ‘ESC Life’ – ‘Born To Be Mild’ are enough to intrigue anyone. Why? Well “ESC” is keyboard-speak for”escape” and with the world “life” in the immediate following, it’s more than likely that introspective songs about life are about to follow. That is effectively…

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Misgivings and The Debut ‘Hermitage’ (07/12/18).


Misgivings – Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom. As they are prone to do, Lockjaw Records have returned again with another successful hunt in their bid to showcase some of the the best game (sound) of the contemporary Punk music scene. The label’s latest coerced sonic collective inducted into their growing Punk-themed…

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