Dillinger Four

Stage Banter and Their ‘Tightrope Walking’


Stage Banter – Beverwijk, The Netherlands Tightrope walking is a precarious activity indeed! Enter Stage Banter – Tightrope Walking, a band and a release endeavouring to be the very fuel you need to overcome the terror of it all. The band take on this monumental task via fast, melodic, social-political…

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Debt Neglector – ‘The Kids Are Pissed’ EP


Debt Neglector – Orlando, Florida, USA I feel I must place a disclaimer before this review. Despite this Floridian band hailing specifically from Orlando, coming across up-beat and as if they’re having fun, their fast, melodic yet gritty Punk-Rock packs a serious lyrical punch, crucial in these what-ever-the-hell-is-going-on times we…

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