Luke Seymoup – ‘Hand Me Downs/Life Got Me Down’ + UK Show Announcement.


Luke Seymoup – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Luke Seymoup is a young man I met while living in Melbourne, Australia some years ago. A certifiable scene veteran when it comes to his genre-spanning solo-work, bands he has played in or simply with and his omnipresence regarding local shows and involvement in…

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HavenHurst – The ‘Grounded’ EP


HavenHurst – Montreal, Québec, Canada Hailing from the city of Montreal in Canada, it is safe to bluntly describe the four-piece known as HavenHurst as ambitious, determined and technically proficient, with the band’s third release, Grounded, only perpetuating such a straightforward labelling. In short, the band adore melody but juxtapose…

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Iron Gosling – ‘Happy Hour’.


Iron Gosling – Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom. Self proclaiming themselves as “#drunkrock”, Iron Gosling are a band hailing from Swansea that are perhaps best described as unapologetic and proud of it. The five-piece released their debut eight-track album the (I bet you saw this coming) Happy Hour recently and to be blunt,…

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Died – ‘Anonymized Internal Criminals’.


Died – New York City, New York, USA. Died are a New York City (Brooklyn)-based band that describe themselves as “Trans-Alivedead Punk” (according to their bandcamp details anyway). The world may never know where this categorisation came from; at least a few of its occupants will be aware that this…

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