The Clash

Delinquents – ‘Sober On Sunday’ (19/04/19).


Delinquents – Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom. Cover photo credit: Burnt Bongo Photography. It’s safe to say that over the past two years, Dundee‘s Delinquents have had an excellent time. The band have had gigs and festivals coming out of their ears, their debut album release and great deal of excellent reception to their classically inspired

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BRUCE – ‘Captain, We’ve Lost Bruce’.


BRUCE – Bilzen/Aarschot, Belgium. Punk music can be said to raucous all over the show but with its myriad of diversifications much of said raucousness and writhing impatience has become far more localised to specific parts of the contemporary genres wide array of styles. This is where BRUCE come in, the Belgian three-piece have one

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Padme – ‘IBAN TR75 0006 2000 7170 0006 6006 13’.


Padme – Istanbul, Turkey. ‘WE REALLY LIKE LAGWAGON’ – proclaims their official Facebook page. And with that please welcome to the stage Padme: a fast-paced melodic Punk band from Istanbul, Turkey. Padme are Arda Turan (Bass); Topri (Guitars/Vocals); and Orhi (Drums). As the statement on Facebook suggests this music is obviously an instant hit for

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Capital Youth – ‘Holiday In The Sun’.


Capital Youth – Geneva, Switzerland. Geneva‘s finest Garage Punk band return via Roosevelt Records once more for ‘Holiday In The Sun’. Both the band and their parent label have been quiet on the release front in the past two years so having them back is something special. Garage Rock and it’s cantankerous cousin Garage Punk

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