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Launch Control and The ‘Attention Economy’ (02/10/20)


Launch Control – Reading, England, United Kingdom It’s been three long years of political strife since their last commentary and now Launch Control return with the Attention Economy. The Reading band’s evocative, poignant and societally resultant emotional-drudgery-drenched socio-political musings are now in their fourth phase. Although today concerns phase four, I…

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EP Premiere: The Brass – ‘Mob Neutrality’


The Brass – Portland, Oregon, USA Today is a day of new music, specifically denoting to the EP Premiere of The Brass and Mob Neutrality. After some considerable time away from the studio circuit since there original release of grit-laden chugging Melodic Hardcore, Skate Punk-crossover that was the debut Armsreach,…

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Protagonist – ‘Fallout From The Chronicle’


Protagonist – Boca Raton, Florida, USA Protagonist return and Fallout From The Chronicle is their tale. The Florida based five-piece have been slogging it out on the Skate and melodic Punk circuit since 2003 with a determination to improve and hurtle forward at a consistently high-bpm. Post-2015, Protagonist were lying…

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Disaster Forecast – ‘Clarity’ (Single).


Disaster Forecast – Sheffield, England, United Kingdom. I often find that Skate Punk is very much a ubiquitous force in its unrelenting ability to grab my attention. As Despite my adoration for the genre, after non-stop listening I often find I need just that little rest-bite to temporarily forsake this…

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