Sound Speed Records

CHASER and ‘Dreamers’ (09/04/21)


CHASER – Southern California, USA CHASER and Dreamers are VERY soon to enter the melodic-Skate-Punk-a-verse in their second mainline instalment after returning to said rapidly self-perpetuating pace-a-thon in 2018. The band’s Sound The Sirens was a confident, shameless and determined battle cry for positivity, community and celebration of the melodic fast-Punk…

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Krang and ‘Make Arcade Great Again’ (16/04/21)


Krang – Valasske Mezirici, Czech Republic It’s been a fast and turbulent time these past few years. Krang and Make Arcade Great Again are soon to crash through it all once more, this time assisted by both SBÄM and Sound Speed Records. The band’s fast, serrated, yet melodic and sardonically…

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CF98 Unveil Lockdown Video For ‘Dead Inside’


CF98 – Kraków, Poland Despite having shows of the live variety axed, the underground music scene has stepped up and the words – “CF98 Unveil Lockdown Video For Dead Inside” are further proof. During this time of uncertainty, music is proving to be the faithful ubiquitous force that it has…

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