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Album Premiere: Hoi-Poi and ‘Sain’t Adorable’


Hoi-Poi – Thessaloniki, Greece Today, I have your attention for the album premiere of Hoi-Poi and Sain’t Adorable. As of now, the Greek four-piece are releasing their second full-length and fifth total release. The band, known as Hoi-Poi, but also as Hoi-Poi Farplane Wind, hail from Thessaloniki and operate between…

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Part 2: Kill Her First – ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’ / ‘Krod Records (The Five Years)’


Kill Her First x Krod Records  It continues! Part 2: Kill Her First – ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’ / Krod Records (The Five Years). We’re back for the second release and look into the celebratory five-year compilation. You can find the interview with Krod Records label manager Jordan Calvi – Here and…

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SickOnes and Their ‘Agility’


SickOnes – South West, England, United Kingdom Why have I titled this “SickOnes and Their Agility” rather than a more plain-sailing standardised review-formatted title? Well, that’s because this point in the career of the underground UK Hardcore staples is one paramount within the context of their continued longevity.  Now, I…

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Comminor – ‘Answering Machine For Broken Dreams’


Comminor – Västerås, Sweden Comminor and Answering Machine For Broken Dreams are characters denoting to a band and album respectively that breathe the musical freedom of Punk music. Was that a cliché statement? Perhaps, but it doesn’t make it any less true.  Firstly a little more about the band themselves. Prior…

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Introducing: I See Vultures


I See Vultures – Leicester, England, United Kingdom Introducing I See Vultures. Why now? Especially since the band’s debut single was released back in October? Well, firstly, the UK Punk and Hardcore scenes are in the midst of exponential growth. Which is important. Secondly, the band are on the very…

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MPF 2020 and Other Tall Tales: Ian ‘Tree’ Robinson


Manchester Punk Festival “MPF 2020 and Other Tall Tales: Ian ‘Tree’ Robinson” is relevant to the question above. A question that is in its sixth iteration of annual linger. MPF 2020 is indeed fast approaching, that much is true but it simultaneously seems to be taking its sweet and possibly…

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