Uphill Struggle – ‘A Wise Man’s Hell’ EP

Uphill Struggle – Copenhagen, Denmark “Uphill Struggle – A Wise Man’s Hell” is a collection of words that denote to a release by a ’90s-inspired Skate Punk band. At a glance, the combination of band name and album title also sounds akin to some sort of motivational proverb about struggling on through it all, but


The Liverpool Punk-Rock All-Dayer 3: The Bands #1

The Liverpool Punk-Rock All-Dayer – Studio 2, Liverpool, United Kingdom The Liverpool Punk-Rock All-Dayer 3, the cat is out of the bag… more so that it was prior to this lovely image and accompanying sentence. Next year on May 16th 2020, on the notorious and world-renowned Lagwagon day, LPRAD will be returning to Studio 2 Parr Street