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Oh The Humanity! and Their Self-Titled


Oh The Humanity! – Massachusetts, USA After seven years since a full-length and three since their last release, Oh The Humanity! and their Self-Titled appear now in this 2021. The Massachusetts five-piece cascade through the legacy of approachable melodic and Pop-Punk. They simultaneously exude cathartic and ripping Melodic Hardcore as…

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EP Premiere: The Brass – ‘Mob Neutrality’


The Brass – Portland, Oregon, USA Today is a day of new music, specifically denoting to the EP Premiere of The Brass and Mob Neutrality. After some considerable time away from the studio circuit since there original release of grit-laden chugging Melodic Hardcore, Skate Punk-crossover that was the debut Armsreach,…

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Supportive Parents – ‘Could Be Worse’


Supportive Parents – Minneapolis, Minnesota Supportive Parents – Could Be Worse sounds like something you’d say to a friend that was complaining incessantly about something completely superfluous. While you all briefly think back to hearing such back in school, I will inform you that said collection of words actually denotes to…

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