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Fastfade – ‘Happy If You Aren’t’ – (14/12/18) – A Guide.


Fastfade – London, England, United Kingdom. Nostalgic, youthfully exuberant, fast – these are all terms you can use to describe the London three-piece and Umlaut Records staples Fastfade. They are fast, they play, the fade and they play again over and over blasting melodic Punk music that sounds akin to…

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Apathy & Exhaustion x Ear Nutrition: 10 Modern Punk Tracks To Pique Your Interest!


Apathy & Exhaustion x Ear Nutrition. In the interest of either alphabetical order or maybe even a little politeness, Mr. Tony Maher will begin this list of ten modern Punk songs that will pique your interest towards the bands talking the talk and walking the walk, cementing them in your…

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