One Hidden Frame

Passing The Favour Back: Pekka From One Hidden Frame


One Hidden Frame – Lappeenranta, Finland Passing The Favour Back: Pekka From One Hidden Frame. Now, if you’ve had anything to do with the European fast melodic Punk scene within the past inordinately fast twenty years, the name “One Hidden Frame” may well have sped past, enveloped or captivated your…

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Heathcliff and ‘Stay Posi’ (22/01/21)


Heathcliff – Munich, Germany Heathcliff and Stay Posi, after a slight delay due to the year of “ugh what now” will soon release via SBÄM as the European staple continues in its quest to propagate the soundwaves with a steady supply of fast-Punk. Punk & Disorderly Records of Canada and Milestone Sounds…

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Complete! – ‘Disappointment & Hope’


Complete! – Ivano Frankivsk, Ukraine The long wait for Complete! – Disappointment & Hope is now over. To date, the Ukranian band’s back-catalogue consists of two EP’s of melodic Punk-Rock flirting equally with Skate Punk, Pop-Punk and an occasionally Melodic Hardcore. You’ll be able to find the band’s past-work linked…

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