Four Year Strong

Hometruths and The ‘Daydream’ Single


Hometruths – Newcastle, England, United Kingdom Pop-Punk is the undefeatable facet of the Punk music scene. Hometruths and the ‘Daydream’ single fit into this very facet, one that despite minimal adaptation, has managed to well-survive its initial explosion way-back-when. Hometruths hail from Newcastle and via the North American stylistic, purvey…

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Introducing: RXPTRS.


RXPTRS – South West England, United Kingdom. New bands are always an exciting prospect, especially when from the initial outset they display an interesting sound with the potential to expand and define. The south west/Bristol’s own RXPTRS fit this criteria rather well and have gone from strength to strength over…

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Xadium and Their ‘Whatevercore’.


Xadium – Malmesbury, England, United Kingdom. Bands experimenting and finding their feet is always an interesting thing to observe and I have to say, progressing through Xadium’s short but incredibly diverse catalogue to date is really something. I first discovered the band at a local show in Bath at a…

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