Hometruths and The ‘Daydream’ Single

Hometruths – Newcastle, England, United Kingdom

Hometruths - 'Daydream'
Cover photo: bri.focals

Pop-Punk is the undefeatable facet of the Punk music scene. Hometruths and the ‘Daydream’ single fit into this very facet, one that despite minimal adaptation, has managed to well-survive its initial explosion way-back-when.

Hometruths hail from Newcastle and via the North American stylistic, purvey a melodic, riff-laden, jagged Easycore Pop-Punk variant with crooning melodies and occasional Skate Punk drumbeats. As a precursory statement and rough idea of their sound, the band are best compared to the likes of Four Year Strong, New Found Glory and State Champs. If you’re expecting prominent UK accents or buzzsaw ’90s Pop-Punk, alas, Hometruths dabble but are better suited to North American-centric tastes.

‘February’ toyed with late ’90s Pop-Punk and sporadic Skate Punk drumbeats between thick Eacycore riffs and breakdowns. ‘Audrey’ fell-back to acoustic strings and ‘This Summer’ exponentially doubled-down on both breakdown-centric Pop-Punk and increased Pop-sensibilities alike. 2020 saw the entry of ‘Daydream’.

Lyrically, as expected, Hometruths adhere to much of the Pop-Punk archetype. Vocally, the band follow this in the vein of their heroes. ‘Daydream’ is a track very much pertaining to the revelation an ill-advised love-choice and all the pallava involved there-in. It’s a tried and tested story, but truthfully, the band do follow this beaten track in an entertaining fashion.

Hometruths within the context of themselves and the genre, have done well in ‘Daydreams’. The band’s youthful exuberance and overall more-weighted sound fails to over-do either aspect of their heavy-to-melodic sonic dichotomy. The technical aspects of their Easycore aren’t out of place and are well-executed in their use as bridges prior to the ear-worming chorus. It’s true that the track is repetitive but what Pop-Punk song isn’t. That said, the regular change in dynamic allows the band’s admittedly typical-Pop-Punk energy to stand above simply being absorbed into the contemporary scene as just another track.

‘Daydream’ is a welcome addition to the band’s work thus-far and represents a far more comfortable Hometruths. After listening to the 2018 ‘February,’ I had expected a welcome to return to the Skate Punk drumbeat so suited but alas that didn’t happen. That said, the band’s glossed-jagged late ’90s Pop-Punk verse and chorus rhythms are satisfying enough in their stead. ‘Daydream’ is generic but not necessarily in a bad fashion. The track absolutely shines in its gleaming production, however. Hometruths execute everything skillfully and the final coat of gloss more than aids every aspect.

Do the band run the same repetitive risk as most in the scene as they soldier on? Quite possibly, but you can’t fault their ability to do what they do and do it so unambiguously well. 

Hometruths and the ‘Daydream’ single, find all you need below.


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