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Early Stream: Dolorifics – ‘Welcome To Dolograd’ (24/01/20)

Dolorifics – Gothenburg, Sweden The words – “Dolorifics – Welcome To Dolograd” are really very relevant if you’re an individual that partakes in the world of underground music. However, you knew that because you’re already present and waiting. Look how that worked out! How fortuitous for those lovely and relatively sized ears of yours! Digression


The Overjoyed: The Band and The ‘Defanged’ Video Premiere.

The Overjoyed – Athens, Greece. The European Punk music scene is really something to behold, from Spain to Germany, Finland to France and onward to Greece. The wide-array of bands and styles this genre has birthed is constantly growing big and strong. A juvenile term but one no less true than something more refined and


Hoi-Poi – The ‘Dread and Vision’ EP

Hoi-Poi -Thessaloniki, Greece The development of Post-Hardcore was an event in the Punk-Rock history book that would affect the genre’s time-line in ways that would only catapult it off to the varied and exceptional set of sounds it now calls it’s own.  The initial ground-work laid down by Fugazi, Rites Of Spring and the like