Hoi-Poi and ‘Uncle Boonmee’


Hoi-Poi – Thessaloniki, Greece Hoi-Poi and ‘Uncle Boonmee’. The former wrote the latter during a time where the band were separated physically but in simultaneous and mutual isolation. Greece, the US, Denmark, Hoi-Poi shared in the confines of the greater sequestered new normalcy that much of the earth’s bipedal majority faced. The…

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Vegan Mosquitoes and ‘A Beautiful Slaughter’


Vegan Mosquitoes – Athens, Greece The words “Vegan Mosquitoes and A Beautiful Slaughter” conjure some interesting imagery but within and outside of that, they exist and propagate the lucrative well of Alternative Rock that often seems under-represented in today’s DIY scene. With such a variety of Punk music from Skate…

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Album Premiere: Hoi-Poi and ‘Sain’t Adorable’


Hoi-Poi – Thessaloniki, Greece Today, I have your attention for the album premiere of Hoi-Poi and Sain’t Adorable. As of now, the Greek four-piece are releasing their second full-length and fifth total release. The band, known as Hoi-Poi, but also as Hoi-Poi Farplane Wind, hail from Thessaloniki and operate between…

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Early Stream: Dolorifics – ‘Welcome To Dolograd’ (24/01/20)


Dolorifics – Gothenburg, Sweden The words – “Dolorifics – Welcome To Dolograd” are really very relevant if you’re an individual that partakes in the world of underground music. However, you knew that because you’re already present and waiting. Look how that worked out! How fortuitous for those lovely and relatively…

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Hoi-Poi – The ‘Dread and Vision’ EP


Hoi-Poi -Thessaloniki, Greece The development of Post-Hardcore was an event in the Punk-Rock history book that would affect the genre’s time-line in ways that would only catapult it off to the varied and exceptional set of sounds it now calls it’s own.  The initial ground-work laid down by Fugazi, Rites…

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