Ghost Of The Avalanche


Meadow Burials: ‘The Modern Age’ // Video Premiere: ‘Everything’

Meadow Burials – Bath, England, United Kingdom “Meadow Burials and The Modern Age” sounds like some sort of sinister essay looking at a prospective and questionable practice. Alas, it isn’t something quite so horrifying, but there is some truth in those words. The Modern Age is in fact, an extrospective observation of the society we unfortunately


Ghost Of The Avalanche and The ‘Civil Unrest’ EP

Ghost Of The Avalanche – Bath/Bristol, England, United Kingdom Ghost Of The Avalanche. Four words that are well-known to many around the Bath, Bristol and southwest UK Punk scene. The band’s two-piece formula of bass-guitar and drums produced four mainline releases of Garage Rock infused and melodically pop-ridden vintage Hardcore Punk; known as much for


Meadow Burials – The Debut ‘Preface’ EP

Meadow Burials – Bath, England, United Kingdom Based somewhere in but likely in actuality around Bath, Meadow Burials is a somewhat elusive former bedroom-based but now fully-fledged project by one Mr Nick Wiltone. You know that name if you’ve spent any time around the south-west England music scene in recent years, for Mr Wiltone plays