Grand Collapse

Grand Collapse and ‘Empty Plinths’ (06/08/21)


Grand Collapse – Bristol, England, United Kingdom (Again, please?) Grand Collapse and Empty Plinths. These are words that many have been waiting for. Well, the former followed by something in full-length form to be more precise. Grand Collapse are infamous, notorious and have now returned via the likes of TNSrecords…

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TNSrecords Vol​ 4: Cheap Cans Broken Vans and Basement Bar Bands (19/02/21)


TNSrecords – Manchester, England, United Kingdom TNSrecords Vol​ 4: Cheap Cans, Broken Vans and Basement Bar Bands is a release marking a considerable milestone. In the world of underground, independent and DIY record labels, every release is an achievement. However, to reach a hundred separate releases on a label that…

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Copywronged – The ‘Fowl Up’ EP.


Copywronged – Bristol, England, United Kingdom. Caught between a Hardcore and a Punk place, Bristol three-piece Copywronged bring something to contemporary Punk music that seems to have faded out just a little of late. This “something” isn’t entirely gone but within the huge influx of excellent Tech-Punk bands doing the…

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Hardkore Dokument #1 7″ EP: A UK Hardcore Punk Education – (01/02/19)


Hardkore Dokument #1 – Hearing Damage, Worth It, United Kingdom Ubiquitous, omnipresent and fucking impossible to extinguish and nullify. Those are the words I and I should many would use to describe the determined dirge that is United Kingdom Hardcore Punk-Rock. Since the genre’s inception our (not so) great nation…

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