Milo’s Planes and ‘Wreaths’


Milo’s Planes – Bristol, England, United Kingdom After some minutes tucked away waiting for life to do its bit, Milo’s Planes and ‘Wreaths’ recently and finally returned to the After-Core realm of Punk-Rock continuity, legacy and canvas of seemingly limitless noise. By that I mean, in their first recorded sonic-foray…

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Bruise Control and Their Self-Titled


Bruise Control – Manchester, England, United Kingdom Bruise Control and their Self-Titled enter into a 2020 that, for lack of a better everything else, has kept full-capacity in-ear live gigs to a recurring maximum. In other words that aren’t quite so ridiculous and do have some functional meaning when collated…

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Stages In Faith – ‘Forgiving Man’ 7″.


Stages In Faith – London/Essex, England, United Kingdom. Through researching new material for the ever-growing, labour-intensive but ever-so worth it Ear Nutrition Spotify playlists (Here) and in conversation with one Charlie Jones-West from UK Hardcore need-to-knows SickOnes, I stumbled a cross a band that have excellently achieved something which I…

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