Strangers With Guns and ‘Disenfranchised Fetus’


Strangers With Guns – Dublin, Ireland Enveloped in a viscous and foreboding sentient groove, Strangers With Guns and Disenfranchised Fetus¬†enter 2020. The Dublin band embody much that is rare in the contemporary music scene, or rather more so that it was. The mighty, abrasive, sonically aggravating three-piece Alternative Rock band.…

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FLAGPOLERS/Bar Tape – Split EP


FLAGPOLERS/Bar Tape – Dublin/Vancouver, Ireland/Canada Music is ubiquitous. Is that an excuse unto why I missed the FLAGPOLERS/Bar Tape and their split EP the first time around? Perhaps, but it’s still a true-enough statement nonetheless. Bandcamp is a wonderful place of discovery and split releases a staple in the Punk…

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