Lollygagger and Their Self-Titled


Lollygagger – Chicago, Illinois, USA Lollygagger and their self-titled, where to start? Well, the band are from the great musical city of Chicago for one. A city steeped and Punk-Rock history and eclecticism towards musical output in general. Remember that, that’s important. The band’s second and longest release surfaced in October 2019. From its opening

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UGLYBoNES Return With – ‘Sunshine’.


UGLYBoNES – Chicago, Illinois, USA. UGLYBoNES are a band that if you’ve spent any time on the Punk-Rock orientated side of either Facebook or bandcamp or perhaps even found yourself in Chicago and it’s suburbs over the past few years, you may well have heard of. The band have been quiet since the excellent Growing Concerns in

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