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One Million Motors and ‘Cuts’ (25/03/22)


One Million Motors – Newcastle, England, United Kingdom One Million Motors and Cuts are the order of the day. Over the past two or so years, the Newcastle “Alt-Punk” four-piece have been undergoing a transition. Now, if you’re new to the band, the aforementioned metamorphosis has as of now, been confidently cemented in…

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One Million Motors – ‘You’re Not Viable (You Just Don’t Know It Yet)’


One Million Motors – Newcastle, England, United Kingdom Sonic and personnel alternation. That’s the game I’m told. One Million Motors and ‘You’re Not Viable (You Just Don’t Know It Yet)’ are very much part of these shifting sands of sound. Their locale is Newcastle but their compositional journey is a…

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Harker and Their ‘Axiom’ (23/04/21)


Harker – Brighton, England, United Kingdom After some years of cross-referencing Punk rooted stylistics, Harker and their Axiom are close. The Brighton band for those who don’t know, have been releasing music and kicking around showing it to the world since 2015. The band’s robust back catalogue cascades and meanders…

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