Death By Stereo

Fair Do’s and ‘1000 Miles’


Fair Do’s – Manchester, England, United Kingdom Fair Do’s and ‘1000 Miles’. The latter being the fourth from the former’s most recent metamorphic contortion of their stylistic roots. Roots resembling tendril-like hooks submerged in earth, equally fed, encumbered and downtrodden by hyperaware existentialism and the fervent Punk catharsis inexorably determined to emanate…

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Coercion – ‘Veritas’.


Coercion – Santa Cruz, California, USA. Santa Cruz is home to Coercion, a band with a long, drawn out, sporadic and varying history. This history became recent history when a four-piece incarnation of what is now Coercion (Coercion96) released the stellar “modern rock” EP, Exit Wounds, itself worth your time. Coercion however…

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