Captain Trips

Douglas Firs and ‘Something In The Trees’


Douglas Firs – Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom Douglas Firs with Something In The Trees emerged from the audio-terra-firma sometime in early 2021, after previously knocking around, sprouting and making use of the comparatively easier but still dwindling photosynthesis of the before-fore times. The world is invariably fucked but that doesn’t…

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Discover A Fire and ‘A Calculated Risk’ (12/02/21)


Discover A Fire – Norfolk, England, United Kingdom Discover A Fire and ‘A Calculated Risk‘ are a series of words that contextually speaking, work rather well. However, the Norfolk band have not named their latest in any real prospective worry or with any trepidations about their new union with Disconnect Disconnect Records, so…

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Ructions and Their Debut – ‘Design Accident’


Ructions – Newcastle, England, United Kingdom Ructions and their debut single ‘Design Accident’ publically and sonically manifest early this very month. Now, you may think that we couldn’t possibly need another fast melodic Punk band but you’d be wrong. The global, as well as the European and UK fast Punk…

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