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MFL5: Brain Ape – ‘Auslander’.


Brain Ape – London, England, United Kingdom. Photography: Wxtch.Pxs. Welcome back to another edition of Musically Fresh Legacy, where choice cuts from EN’s parent site are revitalised and republished on Ear Nutrition to pay homage our roots and the music that was featured. Approaching two years after the album that has since…

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Dietary Service Announcement: Have You Checked Out Our Playlists Yet?


No? Well, you can if you motion that inquisitive thumb and or cursor over – Here – for the descriptions and then links OR if you really can’t wait, then mosey on over to – Here – for our Spotify profile! Plus as an added bonus, you can see all…

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Underwing – ‘Where Gods Conspire’ (Single).


Underwing – Arendal, Norway. Arendal, Norway is home to five human beings with a penchant for the odd riff. Said odd riff – or more truthfully riffs – are inspired by every ones favourite moody Rock go to, Grunge, alongside other groove laden, heavy yet playful tones warped by a…

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Inside An Underground Band: Brain Ape – An Organic Chit-Chat.


Brain Ape – London, England, United Kingdom. Cover Photo: Nuri Moseinco Photography. A little while back, I stood outside a venue to talked to an underground band and that band was London’s Brain Ape. We initially recorded the whole interview with the intention of posting the audio in it’s entirety…

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Superseed – The Debut Album.


Superseed – Bristol, England, United Kingdom. (Cover) Photo credit – Steve F Evans Photography. An album that took a great deal of time in the making of sixteen tracks of genre crossing Rock, Superseed’s self-titled is really something. A very long something. Just listening to the album casually, Superseed’s Alternative…

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