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Layman’s Terms – ‘An Invite To The End’.


Layman’s Terms – Bristol, England, United Kingdom. Layman’s Terms are a determined band to say the least and their most recent EP – An Invite To The End is perhaps one of the most relentless Punk-Rock EPs of the past year. In total it is the second offering from Layman’s Terms…

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Apathy & Exhaustion x Ear Nutrition: 10 Modern Punk Tracks To Pique Your Interest!


Apathy & Exhaustion x Ear Nutrition. In the interest of either alphabetical order or maybe even a little politeness, Mr. Tony Maher will begin this list of ten modern Punk songs that will pique your interest towards the bands talking the talk and walking the walk, cementing them in your…

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The Patient – ‘The Mourning Choir’.


The Patient – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The Patient are a band from Melbourne whose’ first album Unite As One tore a hole in a regional scene packed to the rafters with fast melodic Punk and shredding Skate Punk. Said bands are admittedly and proudly of high calibre but Unite As One indeed broke…

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