Early Stream: Acoushi: An Acoustic-Punk Compilation via Dirty Sushi Records (20/01/20)

Dirty Sushi Records – United Kingdom We’re back and today we’re entirely about and focussed on the following, an early stream of Acoushi: An Acoustic-Punk Compilation via Dirty Sushi Records set for 20/01/20.  Dirty Sushi Records has been a little quiet of late and now we have the reason why, laid bare over cathartic acoustic


Hardkore Dokument #1 7″ EP: A UK Hardcore Punk Education – (01/02/19)

Hardkore Dokument #1 – Hearing Damage, Worth It, United Kingdom Ubiquitous, omnipresent and fucking impossible to extinguish and nullify. Those are the words I and I should many would use to describe the determined dirge that is United Kingdom Hardcore Punk-Rock. Since the genre’s inception our (not so) great nation has been creating its own


A 5inch Record?! The Domestics x Pizzatramp – ‘Discipline’

TNSrecords – Manchester, England, United Kingdom Cover image – The Domestics. TNSrecords are a well known and respected household name when it comes to Punk-Rock music, the label is non-profit and operated more as a community within its organisation and importantly it’s roster, with just about anyone and everyone involved in any way doing their