Venn Records

LAPYEAR and The ‘Smile’ EP


LAPYEAR – London, England, United Kingdom As of May 15th, LAPYEAR and their Smile EP publically became apart of the Venn Records catalogue. The genre-fluid underground label is one of interest for this very reason and with their acquisition of and resultant releasing of LAPYEAR, continue to propagate the vibrant…

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WACO Announce NHS Charity Single: ‘Good Days’ (27/04/20)


WACO – London, England, United Kingdom Another day of limited-movement passes uneventfully and a headline worth reading graces your vision. “WACO Announce NHS Charity Single: ‘Good Days’ (27/04/20)” is that headline. London‘s odds and geographically originating lovely sods are set to release new music in this time where it is…

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