Toxic Wotsit Records

Botched Toe and ‘A False Glimmer Of Hope’ (11/02/22)


Botched Toe – Frank Reynolds, England, United Kingdom ‘Ohhhh, BOTCHED TOE’! Today, give or take a foot infection, we are present for Botched Toe and A False Glimmer Of Hope. Another architectural extension to Kibou Towers and their conjoined annex of aggravated affiliates, Botched Toe, as you’d expect, have quite the…

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Froggy & The Ringes and ‘Soft G’ (05/11/20)


Froggy & The Ringes – A Pond Somewhere, England, United Kingdom Froggy & The Ringes and Soft G. Well, where to start. I should think a blunt introduction is best. The five-piece are yet another addition to the vast and growing roster and amalgamation of weird, wonderful and heavy that is…

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‘A Tribute To Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man’ (10/07/20)


Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man – Manchester, England, United Kingdom If you’ve kicked-about in the UK Punk scene within the last ten years or so, the title of this piece probably piqued some interest or raised an eyebrow. A Tribute To Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man enters into the mass of…

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