The Phosphorus Bombs

No Quarter and ‘Fear And Loathing On The Pacific Highway’ (29/04/22 // 15/06/22*)


No Quarter – New South Wales, Australia No Quarter and Fear And Loathing On The Pacific Highway are finally here. Releasing music in this age of  “you can’t make this up” has been an arduous task. However, now, and proudly, the New South Wales band offer their latest from a…

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The Phosphorus Bombs and ‘…Against You!’ (28/11/19)


The Phosphorus Bombs – Sydney, New South Wales, Australia The Phosphorus Bombs and …Against You!.  A release that boldly sets out to combine the seminal early work of the likes of Bad Religion and Sick Of It All. What makes this statement even better, substantiates it and also thickens the…

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Apathy & Exhaustion x Ear Nutrition: 10 Modern Punk Tracks To Pique Your Interest!


Apathy & Exhaustion x Ear Nutrition. In the interest of either alphabetical order or maybe even a little politeness, Mr. Tony Maher will begin this list of ten modern Punk songs that will pique your interest towards the bands talking the talk and walking the walk, cementing them in your…

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